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A  B  O  U  T

Born in Serbia, in the city of Novi Sad, in June 1989, I grew up with a natural talent for visual arts. Back in the days when I was about 6, I was sketching and drawing mostly animals and nature. As I was growing up, I was introduced to photography, which taught me about composition, balance, framing, and, most importantly, capturing the moment. Soon enough, my curiosity showed me various mediums with the power to send a message or transfer emotion. That was the time I fell in love with design. I became a Graphic Design student, but soon enough, I realized I was progressing very slowly, so I decided to pursue a design career on my own. It’s been 14 years since I started working as a freelance Graphic Designer, and 10 years as a professional Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director. Following my success, I created a Freelance Branding Agency which provides Graphic Design, Visual Identity, and Branding services.

C  O  N  T  A  C  T

+381 64 21 82 555 (Serbia)

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